Trigger-it is the Innovative and modern way to manage your endpoints

Available on Cloud

Up to 250 endpoints

staring from 15 USD per endpoint annually

Available for dedicated deployment On Premises

and on cloud

for large scale deployments and more than 250 endpoints.

Trigger-it enables you to manage your endpoints and gain unmatched visibility on endpoints performance, network traffic, running processes and taking actions based on those insights.

Trigger-it is free for up to 25 users and available starting from 15 USD, register for free now.

Join tens of organizations who are using Trigger-it everyday

Trigger-it is free for up to 25 endpoints, start using it free NOW!

Install and forget

Just install Trigger-it agent and start controlling, monitoring and securing your corporate devices.

Now you can manage traveling users and non-domain joined devices with ease without worrying about corporate policies and how to apply it like roaming users or ATM machines.

Compatible with: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (x86 and 64 bit), Android and Linux Ubunut, Redhat, SUSE, MINT and Centos.

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Trigger-it Free or Shared SAAS or dedicated which ?!

Choose a suitable version that suits your needs from wide range of deployment options.

Trigger-it Features

And Much more...

  • Monitor CPU, Disk, Memory consumption including troubled Processes.
  • Track Application crashes and identify changes in Software and updates that might have caused the issue.
  • Historical Traceroute for failed and delayed connections to identify the root cause of network issues.
  • Software compliance investigation to identify configuration drifts on endpoints.
  • Software license compliance.
  • Hardware changes identification on managed assets.
  • Find PCs with specific configuration.
  • Privilege Access Management.
  • Bandwidth control policy for application to preserve internet and WAN bandwidth.
  • EXE blocking that works even if file was renamed.
  • Application whitelisting and Process execution tracking to easily build policies.
  • Sandboxing integration to analyze the behavior of running applications.
  • Host based firewall to block TCP, UDP, IP and domain name traffic.
  • Import assets data directly from Agents.
  • Manage vendors, support contracts, purchase orders and contracts.
  • Track expiring assets.
  • Track assignee and assets changes.
  • More than 35 reports and dashboards built in the system.
  • Dashboard designer and report designer access to build dynamic dashboards and reports.
  • Correlate different types of data including performance, security and network traffic data.
  • Plot network traffic on maps to identify threats and traffic to malicious destinations.

Create Beautiful dashboards in easy drag and drop steps

Using our dashboard and report designer, you can create super awesome and insightful dashboard and reports that helps you identify issues and performance bottleneck rapidly and dynamically with auto-refresh configuration. 

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Meet TriggeriT's Core Features

Take a look below at some of the most important features we implemented in the TriggeriT
Everything can be changed and customized to your own needs.

Trigger-it Benefits

Trigger-it Uniqueness


Works with any client like POS/ATM machines, Remote Branch Offices, Roaming users, Remote workers, Regular travelers,…. even if not included in Active Directory (workgroup)


No need to purchase multiple platforms and deploy multiple agents and stuck with non-integrated products and multiple platforms.


If you are using the SAAS option then you just need to deploy the agent, for on-premises version it has a simple Server side installation and pre-configured OVF makes deployment completes in less than 3 hours.